We believe the artist, record company/labels, and publishing should be shared equally,

with the artist retaining the right to own their master recordings.

Our journey is about more than just business; it's about building connections that last.

We are a company supporting independent artists, from all genres of music, to advance their careers by providing distribution, promotions and marketing assistance, as well as rights management services.

We empower creativity by offering technology platforms, experienced staff, and effective marketing solutions. We aim to be a transparent and helpful partner for artists and labels, recognizing the challenges they face in balancing their artistic pursuits with other responsibilities.

We offer tools, guidance, and support worldwide to assist in expanding your art collection and allocating more time to your writing, recording, as well as spending quality time with cherished ones and fans. Count on us to skillfully represent your brand and creations. We highly regard the artist's contribution and advocate for fair distribution among artists, record companies/labels, and publishing entities, ensuring artists retain ownership of their master recordings.

Our goal is to provide the most balanced distribution model, giving artists larger ownership of their music, while adding value to both vendor, reseller, and distributed products, through timely availability, proper credentials, all while assisting with a global foundation and network.


Available on All Digital Platforms

Holy War

Available on All Digital Platforms

Holy War

by Marc Shyst

Watch his Official Video on #VEVO

Also Availble on All Digital Platforms Worldwide