We assist the Independent Artist, Band, Producer and/or DJ, in achieving their goals in the music industry by fully supporting artistic creativity, offering artist development, a wide variety of tools, a vast global network, and opportunity to succeed, without restrictions.


Vinyl / CD / Audio Tape  Merchandise

We offer a direct connection and variety of merchandising options for your creations. 

From traditional vinyl production practices,  to pressing at high speed, cd pressing, audio cassette creation,  as well as merchandising such as clothes, stickers, pins, bags, and more!

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We offer a range of specialized services tailored to meet your individual needs, while delivering innovative placement of audio and video products into the global digital service providers at no cost.

Ringtones / Text tones / Alarm Sounds

Distribute and sell ringtones from your music to millions phones worldwide.

Turn your sounds, music and videos into ringtones on iTunes and more.

Reach millions of iPhone, Android, Windows and other mobile users worldwide, while keeping 100% control of your rights.

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Marketing Support

Our Marketing Support helps you stand out with custom strategies that drive engagement and growth.



We offer a variety of National and International Event Hosting/Coordination, and/or Networking.

Do you need Venues?

Book Your Event Hosted by Deeper Entertainment! Want to Book Our Distributed Creators?

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Need a Recording / Production Studio?

Coming Soon in 2o24:

' Deeper Than U Studios '

Services will include -

(Compositions/Instrumentals/Beats, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Merchandising & Distribution Packages)